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Ayahuasca Manifesto

The Spirit of Ayahuasca and
its Planetary Mission

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present the Ayahuasca Manifesto to the world.
This is a gift to humankind from the Spirit of Ayahuasca herself.

I personally witnessed the creation of this incredible manuscript and after reading the Spanish version thoroughly,
I realized that it represents my own vision and mission as a curandero.

I feel privileged and at the same time humble for having received this work the way it did.
I hope that the Manifesto one day becomes a major reference book to all newcomers to the Ayahuasca path.

Muchas Gracias,
Don José Campos

The Origin of the Ayahuasca Manifesto

The Manifesto was published anonymously. For this reason, Don José felt that due to the importance of its message, it should not be surrounded by any kind of mystery or speculation. In order to clear the space to the most curious readers here we formally disclose the origin of the Ayahuasca Manifesto.

The Manifesto was written by an apprentice of Don José after receiving clear visions from the spirit of Ayahuasca in two separate occasions.

The first was in ceremony during a dieta held by Don José in September 2008. The initial message was an announcement to the writer that sometime in the future he would write a book called Ayahuasca Manifesto.

The message said: “This is a project of José together with you. I need that you write this book “to defend me from the attacks that I will be receiving in the future.” And further said “ it must be a short and simple pamphlet, in manifesto genre, similar to other manifestos in history.”

After this dieta the apprentice returned to urban life, got absorbed by the daily routines, and the book project became just a brief note in his personal journal.

Two years later, this same apprentice invited Don José to his hometown, and while enjoying a short vacation he connected again this time not in ceremony but spontaneously.

This time he saw the same vision he had 27 months earlier. This time a voice from the high spiritual realms urged him to start writing the book immediately with a sense of urgency. He accepted the call and the information started to flow. In a matter of days the manuscript was finished in Spanish.

Don José was amazed at the depth of the message and they decided to launch it in the form of a free e-book over the internet. In January 11, 2011 at 11:11am, an email was sent to dozens of friends in the Spanish speaking Ayahuasca community worldwide.


The Manifesto seem to have appeared to bring some order and ideals to the fragmentation and confusion that permeates today in the ayahuasca literature.

Hundreds of papers and articles float in the internet with a wide range of approaches and perspectives, scientific papers, anecdotal accounts from artists and adventurers, pseudo religious sermons, travel reports, all lacking a common thread or direction.

The Manifesto adds value to any newcomer researching the subject.

Today any search engine will quickly show dozens of file sharing websites where the Manifesto is available for download. After years of virality over the web, it has the potential to create a level of collective awareness that in itself shall protect the ayahuasca from the attacks she may receive in the future. We hope such is the case.

Thank you Mother Ayahuasca.

Preservation Project

In 2012 Don José launched his Ayahuasca Preservation Project making true another of his dreams.

This project gives him lots of satisfaction as it is designed to replenish all the plants harvested from the jungle to prepare his medicine brew for so many years. In addition to replenish, the purpose is to secure future availability of the ingredients as he foresees shortages in the future.

First, he purchased a track of land nearby the Ucayali’s Bello Horizonte village suitable for the cultivation of Ayahuasca and Chacruna. Then he planted the initial 1,500 plants to start the project that currently has a capacity for approximately 10,000 plants.

This initiative was, in part, the product of his visions with Ayahuasca during his healing work as a shaman. In 2010 he had this vision where the spirit of Ayahuasca warned him about his responsibility with Her. She demanded in strong terms that he must grow the vine to replenish the large amounts harvested for his curandero work. For Don José it felt like a mother instilling discipline to her little son. Then at the end of that year he read the first draft of the Ayahuasca Manifesto in Spanish and found the call to grow the vine worldwide.

The synchronicity of his vision with the message in the book sparked him into action and today the Preservation Project is a reality.

The main problem with the future supply of the Ayahuasca vine is that it takes about five years to reach the maturity needed for consumption. The plants in this farm should be ready to harvest by 2018. Don José intends to continue planting more Ayahuasca to bring the farm to its full potential with the help of sponsors and donations from around the world.

This was the inspiration for the Preservation Project:

“For these reasons, I am asking with a sense of urgency to all of you who recognize my benefits and feel called to support my planetary mission to give yourself to the task of planting “Banisteriopsis Caapi ” in every way possible and in all nations. I urge all my shamans, Facilitators, and participants to demonstrate their environmental activism adopting this great cause. It is urgent to create community projects, private philanthropic crops, home gardens, botanical nurseries, household plants, infiltrated plants in commercial landscaping areas, and any other innovative way that my new protectors may creatively conceive. It is urgent for me to become a local plant in every nation.”
— Ayahuasca Manifesto, Page 44

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