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INamazonia is a gateway for healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening.

We facilitate spiritual and transformational journeys into the heart of Peruvian’s Amazon jungle.

Through our Ayahuasca Retreats and Shamanic Plant Diets our intention is to support those searching to awaken their fullest potential, expand their consciousness and live healthier and happier lives.

We are genuine seekers. For us it’s a tremendous privilege to be blessed and to work with the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca and other Amazon master plants.

We are grateful for all the shamans, ayahuasqueros, vegetalistas, healers, and outstanding human beings that have preserved these ancient traditions and shamanic practices.

We truly see Ayahuasca as a gift to Humanity.

  • ancient wisdom

    Bringing the power and magic of the ancestral wisdom that lies in the Amazon jungle to our modern world.

  • shamanic healing

    Promoting well-being through the oldest way of healing the body-mind-spirit

 used for thousands of years.

  • personal growth

    Helping you live healthier and happier lives, so you can truly be the best version of yourself.

  • spiritual awakening

    Awakening the spirit, connecting with the immense power of nature and creating harmony with all creation.

  • learn with nature

    Since ancient times, shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing and knowledge.

  • expand consciousness

    The power of the spirit of the sacred plants allows you to evolve and expand your consciousness.

  • healing the self

    Shamanism can help you to transform your actions in order to bring healing to yourself.

  • contribute for a better world

    In a world now out of balance, this path can teach how again to live in harmony with the universe.

why we do what we do

At INamazonia we believe in the power of nature to help us finding balance and peace in ourselves, so we can make a difference in the world, in our families and communities.

Our goal is to bring the much needed wisdom of mother earth to as many people as possible and to prepare the ground for physical healing, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity and spiritual flowering.

We are happy to contribute to the massive global wave of awakening that is happening in our planet.

INamazonia has been guiding people from all around the world into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest of Peru since 2006.

We feel really honored and privileged to have enriched and touched so many lives.

Feel free to explore our website and find out more about our Ayahuasca Retreats.

We will be delighted to have you in one of our next journeys!

Don José Campos

At INamazonia we are honored to have all our Ayahuasca Retreats and shamanic plant spirit healing guided by internationally respected Peruvian shaman Don José Campos.


Don José Campos is a gifted healer, a free spirit with a generous heart that inspires everyone with great charisma, enthusiasm and joy. He teaches from experience, and champions simplicity and humility.

Don José illuminates and guides us with his deep knowledge through the practice and benefits of Ayahuasca with grace and gentleness and much respect and gratitude for the gifts Ayahuasca has bestowed on him throughout the 25 years he has been a practicing shaman.

Don José Campos lives in Pucallpa, Peru. He has studied with over 100 master curanderos throughout South America including Don Solon Tello of Iquitos.

Author of the book The Shaman and Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms, Don José suggests a path back to understanding the profound healing and spiritual powers that are here for us in the enigmatic plant world of the Amazon jungle.

We are very privileged to be working with him.

Don José’s Story

On September 24, 1961 in a poor little village in Peru, about 100 miles south of the border with Ecuador, José Campos was born. His grandfather was an authentic curandero of the region, and soon José realized that his origins come from a lineage of healers and started to see himself as the continuation of a legacy.

As a teenager, while working hard in the fields, he had the opportunity to discover his connection with the wild Amazon jungle. He remembers the early lessons learned about fauna and flora, while he explored his natural curiosity for the unknown.

One of his jobs as a young man was as a sort of tour guide in certain ruins and archeological fields. José was always thirsty for knowledge and nourished himself in many different areas.

José’s first entheogenic experience was with Dona Marta, a well-known San Pedro curandera that invited him to experience her medicine. When they first met, Dona Marta told José “You have the spirit of the curandero and you will become a good one, that is written in your destiny”.  This sparked José’s interest and he started to explore it further.

In July of 1987 was José’s first Ayahuasca journey under the guidance of with Don Wilfredo Tuanama. . He still remembers that ceremony as the most powerful and impressive ever. He saw his future as a shaman, his travels around the world, and many things he was never been able to put in words.

One year later, José offered his first lecture about medicine plants to a group of visiting scientists and scholars from around the world. That’s when he met Don Solon Tello from Iquitos, with whom he took ayahuasca many times and learned key shaman lessons from him. He considers Don Solon one of his major mentors in his shaman path.

Always connected to inspiring people like Pablo Amaringo, the acclaimed Peruvian visionary artist; Terence McKenna, well known American philosopher, psychonaut and ethno botanist,  Dr. Rick Strassmanm bestseller author of “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” , and German biologist, Rainer Schulte who took him under his wing and taught him about the poisonous and hallucinogenic frogs of the Rainforest.

In 1992 José co-founded together with Dr. Jaques Mabit the famous Takiwasi center in Tarapoto, Peru, created to treat drug addicts using traditional Amazonian medicines. Here he had the opportunity to develop and polish his curandero / shaman skills conducting hundreds of Ayahuasca sessions to the patients of the Center.

After working for several years at Takiwasi, José decided to expand his horizons and that lead him to different parts of the planet.

In Republic of Gabon in Africa, José was introduced to Omar Bongo, then President of Gabon for more than 20 years. Mr. Bongo invited José to have one of the most incredible experiences of his life so far and thereafter. He made arrangements to take José to visit an authentic insulated Nzeiby tribe. There he was offered a shamanic initiation at the Iboga ritual. After a long journey into the depths of the jungle he met the tribe elders and participated in an intense two day long ritual under the effects of the Iboga sacrament. This was life changing to José, who now was totally convinced that shamanism was his definite life path.

From José to Don José

Back in Peru, Don José established himself in Pucallpa and bought a property in the jungle with government’s financial aid. He founded a preservation project to keep the jungle in its natural state for posterity. This campsite was first named “Rinquia”, honoring the name of the small river that flows through the land.

By 1998 he started to host soul seekers that want to experience the jungle in it’s virgin state, while doing the traditional Dietas that involve deeper ayahuasca work. Don José always feels grateful to see so many people travelling thousands of miles to experience serious spiritual work. Since then, the word about his quality brew and his powerful shaman energy began to spread around the world.

By the mid-2000’s almost everyone referred to him as “Don José”, his international recognition and many years of service to others gave him the respectful prefix to his name. Although he insists on being named just plain José, people ignore his wishes and continue to call him “Don José”. He definitely deserves such respect, especially when the “Don” is something that years ago was reserved to honor the experienced elders but today even young apprentices add this prefix to their names only for marketing purposes.

By 2009 Don José started a new retreat center in another area of his jungle property and named it Munay, that means “to love” in the ancestral quechua language. All INamazonia Ayahuasca Retreats take place in the Munay Camp.

Some years ago, he had a strong vision where the Spirit of Ayahuasca told him that he had to replenish and give back to the earth the Ayahuasca he was using for his work. Out of respect and obedience, Don José developed his Munay Preservation Project, with capacity to plant 10 thousand Ayahuasca and Chacruna plants. About 2,000 plans are already growing in the project and will gradually expand with help from supporters and donations from around the world.

Don José has a few followers that he considers his apprentices and he supports them in the curandero path. Once one of his students had a vision of the Spirit of Ayahuasca telling him to write a book in manifesto format to send a message to the world. To his surprise, when José read the first draft of the Ayahuasca Manifesto in Spanish, he found that all the concepts of the book were, one way or the other, his own. It was like if the Spirit of the Ayahuasca had found a scribe to put in words the things he wanted to speak about but did not know how to express them. With the Manifesto, Don José better understood the meaning of his Munay Preservation Project, his discipline with the medicine, and the ethics of being a shaman.

Don José cooks his own medicine using assistants under his supervision together with his experience and wisdom. He believes in a chain of responsibility that goes from the cutting, preparation, cooking, and administration to the participant.

Nowadays Don José continues to meet fascinating people, enriching his interesting life, and deepening his shaman power and energy to help in the universal expansion of the sacred medicine. El canto del Tiempo, is his first recorded CD containing a few of his icaros or ceremonial songs.

When he’s not conducting ceremonies, Don José is a devoted father that enjoys spending time with his kids.

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